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Anti-Fake: New Victoria’s Secret Fantasies Packaging

The popularity of my How To Spot A Fake Victoria’s Secret Product blog post made me realize that shoppers around the globe are concerned about the authenticity of their Victoria’s secret merchandise.

Thankfully, the guys over at Victoria’s Secret have solved the problem by creating new, and harder-to-imitate, packaging for their VS fantasies collection.

Here is a promo poster from their 20011 holiday sale:

The new look was launched sometime in mid-July. But since online sellers may still have their old stock (in the old packaging) to dispense, we are only getting the first wave of this design tsunami in Asia.

These new bottles have a tapered shape and the design is more complicated. I’d say these are probably more expensive to manufacture, too. Here are some photos from their website:

The fragrance colors are still the same – hey it’s the same classic scents!

Unlike the old ones, the new bottles now have the floral designs at the inner side of the back sticker label. This should be very tricky for cheap manufacturers. The sprayer was also upgraded to a shiny metallic gold material – very similar to expensive perfumes.

Along with the new packaging, a new scent – Sheer Love – was also released. I still don’t know how this smells like, so I hope VS could send me a sample! LOL

Here are some actual photos, also from their website.

The lotions, hand creams, scrubs and body butters also have the same new look. I personally like the new lotion bottle because it is easier to grip, unlike the old almondy-cylindrical-ish shaped one which was a little too big for my hand.

Notice the font on the body butter and hand cream where it says “LOVE SPELL” and “PURE SEDUCTION”: it has a small black shadow. Also, the the metallic color gradients on the tube hand cream is so unique. These little details should be very hard to copy.

I am a fan of Victoria’s Secret products, so I really hate to see cheap imitations being peddled around. This is 3rd type of packaging that I’ve seen since I’ve been acquainted with Victoria’s Secret

It’s a good thing that VS is proactive in renewing their merchandise, or else people will end up buying fake goods, on purpose or otherwise.


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  1. Informative article, exactly what I wanted to find.Joe aka tuskaley.

    Posted by Joe | December 18, 2011, 8:16 pm

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